En iyi İngilizce eğitim dergileri
En iyi İngilizce eğitim dergileri

İngilizce öğrenenler ve öğrenmek isteyenler için İngilizce eğitim dergileri en değerli materyallerden biridir. İngilizce bir eğitim dergisi okuyarak, kelime bilginizi geliştirebilir, hem formal hemde informal dil öğreniminizi ilerletebilir, güncel veya popüler konular ekseninde ingilizce dilinizi geliştirebilirsiniz. İşte En iyi İngilizce eğitim dergileri ;   İngilizce eğitiminize katkı sağlayacak İngilizce Eğitim Dergileri   Hot English Magazine […]

Flipped Classroom Technology
Flipped Classroom Technology

In my detailed article on Flipped Classroom Technology, I will tell you about Flipped Classroom, flipped classroom lesson sequence and how to implement it for your lessons. Moreover, I will also explain what teachers use for their flipped classrooms. As you could understand from its name flipped means reversed. Why teachers reverse their lessons and how? […]

English Teaching Methods

English Teaching Methods What are the English teaching methods? How can we use them in the classroom? Do all of them suit every kind of classroom? Otherwise, some suit to some classrooms and other ones to other’s? What are the challenges teachers face when they get in to classrooms? While teachers are at university years […]


PRONUNCIATION RESOURCES ACROSS THE WEB You will need these resources to improve your English pronunciation—Pronunciation Techniques The website provides some articles and pronunciation practice on different aspects of pronunciation, like stress, intonation, and the segmental parts. Lesson plans focusing on pronunciation for teachers are also available on this website. ESL Pronunciation Work Page It […]

Using Arts and Crafts arts in English Lessons

In any English class it’s important to vary the activity type to maintain interest. You will always be dealing with different types of learners, some prefer solving puzzles and singing songs, and some enjoy working in groups while others prefer working on their own.   Using Arts and Crafts arts in English Lessons   With […]

Young Children and Language Development

Extracted from : Buddhi Research   Theories about how young children acquire and develop language Young children become amazingly proficient communicators during the first three years of life. As the Birth to Three Matters framework points out, they use ‘the hundred languages of children’ – body language (including facial expressions and dance); sign language (their own […]