English Alphabet Letters

English Alphabet contains 26 letters. Hey!, Do you want to learn English Alphabet letters. If yes, That is the time for that.

A, a – B,b – C,c – D,d – E-e , F,f -G,g – H,h – I,ı – J,j – K,k – L,l – M,m – N,n – O,o – P,p – Q,q – R,r –  S,s – T-t – U,u – V,v – W,w –  X-x – Y,y – Z,z 

Now, it is time to make sentences with English Alphabet letters. Yes You are right not words you are more intelligent. Let’s make sentences


A is for apple

B is for buuble

C is for city

D is for door

E is for England

F is for four

G is for glasses

H is for helium

I is island

J is for june

K is keys

L is for Luxemburg

M is for Moon

N is for neither

O is for obese

P is for Paris

Q is for quit

S is for sun

T is for Texas

U is for University

V is for vet

W is for worker

Y is for yuppy

And Z is for zebra

5 of the English alphabet are vowel and the rest of them are consonant


A, E, O, U and I are vowels. U is semi vowel

The rest of them are consonants.

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