English Alphabet Letters

English Alphabet contains 26 letters. Hey!, Do you want to learn English Alphabet letters. If yes, That is the time for that.

Letters of the English alphabet on the ends of wooden bars, isol

A, a – B,b – C,c – D,d – E-e , F,f -G,g – H,h – I,ı – J,j – K,k – L,l – M,m – N,n – O,o – P,p – Q,q – R,r –  S,s – T-t – U,u – V,v – W,w –  X-x – Y,y – Z,z 

Now, it is time to make sentences with English Alphabet letters. Yes You are right not words you are more intelligent. Let’s make sentences


A is for apple

B is for buuble

C is for city

D is for door

E is for England

F is for four

G is for glasses

H is for helium

I is island

J is for june

K is keys

L is for Luxemburg

M is for Moon

N is for neither

O is for obese

P is for Paris

Q is for quit

S is for sun

T is for Texas

U is for University

V is for vet

W is for worker

Y is for yuppy

And Z is for zebra

English alphabeth letters are easy to learn. There only 26 of them. Let’s sing them together

5 of the English alphabet are vowel and the rest of them are consonant


A, E, O, U and I are vowels. U is semi vowel

The rest of them are consonants.

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