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English: Punjabi Language in the world Dark Gr...

English: Punjabi Language in the world Dark Green: Mother tongue of majority of the population Lime Green: Less than 5% Light Yellow: About 2% Yellowish Brown: Less than 1% (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will explain language acqusition types. Here is a list of language acqusition levels;

  1. Mother tongue= The first language you have learned naturally
  2. Bilingual= People who learn an other language with their mother tongue
  3. ESL=English as a second language. I will explain below
  4. EFL= English as a foreign language. I will explain below.

We all have our mother tongue. However, if we are living in other country diffrent from our home country We may be bilinguals. For example, a German child who burn in England and lives there with his/her family he/she will be bilingual. He/she will learn German from his/her parents and English from neighbours or again from his parents or environments like TV or in the park. Now If we understood what a bilingual person is;
Let’s learn what ESL and EFL stands for;
If one person lives in an English speaking country at least 2 years he/she will speak English as a second language. You might have to live at least two years in an English speaking country to speak like an ESL speaker
Now, what EFL stands for; English as a foreign language is stands for a language that is learnt in a non-English speaking country. Those kind of learners learn languages from books, cds, from internet etc.
Now, if we make an hierarchy as being the most fluent speaker to the least one;
Mother tongue is the most fluent one
Bilingual is the second fluent one (learnt similtinuuesly with mother tongue)
ESL speaker is the 3rd fluent one (Learnt at least in two years time in an English speaking country)
and EFL is the least fluent one. (Learnt in a non-English speaking country)

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