English Teaching Methods

English Teaching Methods

What are the English teaching methods? How can we use them in the classroom? Do all of them suit every kind of classroom? Otherwise, some suit to some classrooms and other ones to other’s? What are the challenges teachers face when they get in to classrooms? While teachers are at university years learn lots of English teaching methods. To begin with let’s focus on what they are. As being a teacher, you will memorize them. If you are a teacher candidate you can focus on them better. If you are not any of them, you can have some ideas on them.

English Teaching Methods List

  • The Direct Method
  • Grammar-translation
  • Audio-lingual
  • The structural approach
  • Suggestopedia
  • Total Physical Response
  • Communicative Language Teaching
  • The Silent Way
  • Community Language Learning
  • Immersion
  • Task-Based language learning
  • The Natural Approach
  • The Lexical Syllabus

(Thanks for the list to http://esl.fis.edu/teachers/support/method.htm )

All of these methods may suit in some classrooms and others may suit to others.  As being an English teacher, you must have practical knowledge on each one.

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