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In my detailed article on Flipped Classroom Technology, I will tell you about the Flipped Classroom, flipped classroom lesson sequence, and how to implement it for your lessons. Moreover, I will also explain what teachers use for their flipped classrooms. As you could understand from its name flipped means reversed. Why do teachers reverse their lessons and how?

Why use Flipped Classroom?

Teachers might choose to use Flipped Classroom Technology because some students have some struggles to learn in school. The other reason is that some school activities might hinder school works; like sports activities, art activities and many more. Yes, flipping your classroom makes easy your educational process. I will explain how that happens below. Because of some learning difficulties of some students and because of some extra school activities, learning becomes difficult at schools. If so, what to do next?

What is the Flipped Classroom?

A flipped classroom is a learning model and it supports: “lesson is at home, homework is at school” period.

In the traditional model, the reverse is true. But for the flipped classroom this one. Students watch video lessons, slides, etc. at home. Discuss with their friends at a controlled safe chat session. Then, ask their teachers via a safe and controlled chat session again. By taking feedback from their friends and teachers, then they are ready for school. In this way, students understand the lesson at home with comfort. And now school time. At school, students do homework. In this way, they can find their teacher and their friends to ask questions and they don’t miss any information. The teacher might do teamwork, might divide the class into teams via using some educational technologies. Some students might also prefer self-study.

What is Flipped Classroom Technology?

Most of the work depends on the teacher. The teacher is the key point. There might be more work to do by the teacher but don’t worry they are very enjoyable. Now step by step Flipped Classroom Technology;

  1. The teacher opens a blog/site for the classroom’s flip class sequence. The teacher might supply a password for students to access the classroom activities, also. For our case, let’s choose WordPress. There might be an open URL (you can also use WordPress free version: doesn’t matter) and the parts of the lesson might be accessed via a password.
  2. Then, the teacher prepares videos and learning materials (slides, voice files, etc.) and uploads them to youtube, Slideshare, Soundcloud, etc. Then, the teacher embeds them to flip the class blog. (This example lesson sequence is 4 lessons in a week and for 2 week period; 8 lessons totally)
  3. The teacher opens an account from a reliable and educational chat service and gives passwords to students.
  4. The teacher explains everything to students. Students watch lessons at home. learn from slides. Practice from sound files, etc.
  5. After learning from educational materials, students go to the chat session. That is supplied by their teacher. They discuss everything with their classmates, etc. After that, they ask their teachers at the chat session again. And for the points that are not understood, they note them for the classroom time the next day.
  6. Teachers divide the classroom into groups via an education tool, and that might also be the teamup tool that is prepared by Aalto University Finland. http://teamup.aalto.fi .
  7. Some students might prefer to self-study. 
  8. Now students do activities, homework at school. In this way, they can ask any time any question to their teachers. And they can find their friends nearby.
The Lesson Sequence and Time Management
  • In the first lesson, the classroom understands the process.
  • In the second lesson, students arrive at school and the teacher starts the teamup activity via http://teamup.aalto.fi tool of Aalto University.
  • Every student are comfortable with their groups
  • Lessons are at home 🙂
  • On the third lesson or second day, they do their homework at school and ask their friends and teacher.
  • There is an evaluation and a relaxed period at the 4th lesson.
  • For the next week, the teacher implements more teaching sessions to do, watch and practice at home via Youtube, SlideshareSoundcloud, etc.
  • The groups may be the same, the homework sections (activities) at school for 5th and 6th lessons.
  • For the last 7th and 8th lessons of the week, they might do more activities at school using Quizlet or Kahoot and an evaluation of learning is at the last lesson.

For a two weeks lesson plan please visit this link.

How to Use Flipped Classroom Technology?

  1. Firstly, open your free site/blog at www.wordpress.com .
  • Press the Get Started button and let’s start.
  • You can choose a free plan and don’t pay for 🙂
  • You can assign a password to your classroom activities for privacy
Now only your students can view the lesson sequence. Give your students the password. Now get in too deep. Let’s prepare your lessons.
  1. If you are using a Macintosh computer, you can use QuickTime screen recording and voice recording functions. And for illustrative lesson videos use the iMovie app. They are all free at mac World.
  2. If you are using a PC / Windows you can use “Movie Maker”, and the voice recording feature of your PC. For illustrative and motivating video lessons you can also use Fanta Show.
  3. For all of the platforms, there are lots of Web 2.0 platforms, Apps, and much more. You can check out this link https://www.kidsdiscover.com/teacherresources/web-2-0-tools-classroom/ or search Web 2.0 tools query from Google.
  4. Upload them to youtube, Slideshare, or Soundcloud, and then embed them to your web blog for your flipped classroom activities.
  5. Let’s open an account from a reliable and educational chat session. For the most reliable choice, Edmodo is first on our list. That’s a Facebook-like educational tool for your school activities. This platform hasn’t got a chat feature but has a messaging feature (that’s reliable) and it is more interactive for photo sharing etc.
  6. Share all the information in the classroom blog/site that is password protected.
  7. Now homework is at the school part. You can use teamup tool of Aalto University. You have to update the flash player for your browsers.
  8. Moreover, you can use quizlet, kahoot, etc. for evaluation processes.

I wish you liked my post on Flipped Classroom Technology. I was the first teacher who has taken the first online certificate on Flipped Classroom Technology in my country, Turkey.

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