How many + Sayılan

How many cars are there in the car park?
How many plates are there on the table?

How much + Sayılmayan

How much money is there in the safe?
How much sugar is there in the bowl?

( bir ) ÇOK

A Lot (Of)  =             + C U

There are a lot of cars in the street.
There is a lot of rice in the bowl.
There are not a lot of cars in the street.
Is  There a lot of rice in the bowl?

Many  =                                  – C ?

There aren’t many cars in the street.
Are there many cars in the street?

Much =                                   – U ?

There isn’t much rice in the bowl.
Is there much sugar in the bowl?

A few = Birkaç    + C

We have got a few friends in this town.
There are a few cars in the park.

A little = Bir az   + U

We have got a little money in the safe.
There is a little money in the safe.

Pek Çok ( Too Many – Too Much )

Too Many= +C

There are too many people in the street.

Too Much= +U

There is too much money in the safe.

Enough + – ?CU

There are enough players to play basketball.
There are not enough players to play football.
There is not enough money to do our plans.
Is there enough time?

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