Online Psychology Courses

Online Psychology Courses

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate programs. Both for undergraduate and the other degrees, Online Psychology Courses will ease your education life.

For professionals;

  • a psychology certificate leads to career development.
  • With a specialized certificate, professionals can open the doors to more career opportunities and can offer patients more specialized care.

For students;

  • A specialized psychology certificate prepares students for state licensure in various disciplines.
  • And it allows the student to grow personally and professionally.
  • Most certificate programs also help prepare students for more advanced studies; students can apply credit hours to a master’s or doctorate.


Discover Online Psychology Courses

In the busy lifestyle, people usually want to continue education and additional licensure. They know that it will help to boost any career. For the people who have with family and work obligations, choosing Online Psychology Courses is sensible.

Unlike traditional campus-based programs, online programs allow you to attend classes from the comfort of home. You need an Internet connection, usually on your own time. You access lectures and course materials online and submit assignments via a course management system.


Online Psychology Courses with Hybrid Programs

If you want to interact with other students and professor, but need flexibility, you should choose hybrid programs. In these programs, you’ll take many classes online. But you have the benefit of attending some meetings, lectures or other requirements on campus.



Free Online Psychology Courses?

Are you looking for free Online Psychology Courses? There are some places to find these free classes.

Open Yale Courses

Yale University offers free open-access courses on a wide variety of subjects, including psychology. It includes “Introduction to Psychology” and “The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food.”

MIT (Massachusetts Institue of Tecnology)

MIT OpenCourseware offers courses in the brain and cognitive sciences at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Classes can be completed online and do not require registration.

These courses are a great opportunity to access psychology courses from one of the country’s top schools. They are the perfect option if you enjoy learning at their own pace.

UC Berkeley Free Lectures

If you don’t want to take on a full course, then listen to these free psychology lectures.  University of California at Berkeleyi s a great place to do it. You’ll find introductory lectures and webcasts on topics including Buddhist psychology, clinical psychology, social cognition, human emotion, and the psychology of dreams.


İTunes is another great place to find free, open-access lectures and classes. These lectures are available all over the World. It can be downloaded on your home computer or portable music device. Schools like Stanford, MIT, Oxford, and Yale offer lectures via iTunes.

We will continue to help you discover online courses and Online Psychology Courses.

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