In                    =  içinde, -de da                                        in Marmaris
On                  = Üstünde, -de, -da                           on the table
At                   = Yanında, yakınında, -de, -da               at the door
Under             = Altında,                                           under these conditions
Over                = Üzerinde                                                over the city
Into                 = İçeri doğru                                     go into the room!
Out of                         = Dışarı doğru,                             come out of the car!
Between         = Arasında,                                       between the trees
Next to           = İlerisinde,                                               next to the bank
Behind           = Arkasında                                      behind the door
In front of       = Önünde                                                 in front of the car
Across            = Karşısında                                     walk across the street
Along              = Boyunca                                                 along the road
Up                  = Yukarı doğru,                                 come up
Down              = Aşağı doğru                                           go down

In  =  içinde, -de da
We spent our holiday in Turkey
He lives in a small village.
I saw him in the street.
The man in the photograph is my uncle.
Gaziantep is in the south east of Turkey.
I was in the bed.
Jack is in prison.
Sally is in hospital.
At = Yanında, yakınında, -de, -da
She is waiting at the bus stop,
The teacher is at the blackboard.
Somebody is at the door.
Jane is at the window,
My father is at work now.
I am at home now.
Jim is a student at university.
Zamanlarda kullanımı
In:    in 1881
in May
in the summer of last year
in the morning
On:  on Monday
on Christmas Day
on my birthday
on the 8th of March
At:   at 2.00 PM.
at lunch time
at noon
at the midnight

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