vocabulary teaching

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vocabulary teaching


My teacher asked us to prepare a lesson for vocabulary teaching. We are going to choose 7-8 words and teach them to the class. What kind of ways can i use and make the words more memorable for them? I’d be glad if someone helped me with that.

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Thanks for your good question


Hi Esma;

I am Onur Kalafat; an English teacher and admin of English Web Tr since 2005. I will suggest you ways of taeching vocabulary, instead writing a long text. If you like my list I will also write a very well developed article. (May be till morning :))

  1. Technology is indispensible. Use the power of technology. I mean web 2.0 tools. One of them is Quizlet. The other one is Kahoot tests. And crossword puzzle makers on the net
  2. Use the power of similarities. For example to teach the word pencil; for Turkish students; Pensilvanya’da kurşun kalemimi unuttum vb memoriables.
  3. Using the power of parrot repetitions is another way.
  4. Writing 5 times is another way
  5. For gamification, write the word in a sentence on the board one time and when students look at the sentence on the board erase the board. This makes stronger the short term memory

In this lesson we have also created a vocabulary game on Scratch. Watch it


The 3rd and 4th options are very classical, however, other ones might be used. Thank you. If you liked my ans wer, I will try to write more. 🙂 bye bye

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