Teach English Online

Teach English Online

If you want to teach english online there are lots of possibilities. The only requirement is you have to be  a more and more qualified teacher than others.

If you want to learn more in deep about Teach English Online you can have a look at that article. 

I have read the article and as I learned nearly all of the sites’ require extraordinary things like you have to be a North American citizen, etc. And the other ones pay less money, or you may not trust or not to be accepted to be a teacher.

Why “Teach English Online” Sites 

You might learn English at your home’s comfort and do your job, by the way.  However, what to do if you are not accepted as a teacher to those sites.

What is Next  If You are not Accepted to “Teach English Online” sites

And then what to do if you aren’t accepted to those sites like me 🙂 Because, I am an English teacher and because of the extraordinary events in Turkey, I have lost my job. Whatever the reason, if you are an unemployed English teacher in France or Germany, you can open a self internet site that you own and begin to publish English learning articles like me 🙂 

Or you can even establish your own business (like me again) and make money via translations or work as a freelancer. 

For example I have worked 10 years in state schools in my country -Turkey-(and then dismissed from my job without a reason) and now I have my dream job.

What is my Dream Job

I always wanted to have my own business in my life. Now, I do websites for my clients, do SEO for my clients and many more. I also write articles on my blogs. Do you wonder what is my business and goals. 

I am not able to “Teach English Online” But these are my Business Circle

  • My Freelance company on Web design, grafic design and SEO

Mimoza Bilişim

  • My personal blog

Onur Kalafat

  • My 12 years old domain that teaches English for for Turkish students.

English Web TR

And certainly my other blogs.  I am very enthusiastic and I will achieve my goals. I believe this. Thank you.

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