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1-          Paul found it much easier to use a pencil for taking notes as he could ………. mistakes, which he made plenty of, very easily.
A) type                         B) erase                  C) deter
D) furnish                    E) release
2-          You have to watch that market trader very ………..; otherwise, he will sneakily throw a few rotten oranges in amongst the good ones.
A) closely                     B) secretly              C) violently
D) daringly                   E) placidly
3-          The-Portuguese water dog is one of several………. of dog used by fishermen around the world to retrieve lost nets and tackle from the water.
A) series                       B) descriptions       C) breeds
D)races                         E) ranks
4-          As a result of Lenny’s ……….. to kick the ball with his left foot more than his right, his left shoe always wears out first.
A) innovation               B)indication            C) inability
D) generosity               E) tendency
5-          To participate in a conversation one minute without saying either yes or no is ………. impossible and can only be achieved with a lot of concentration.
A) fortunately               B) partially              C) tragically
D) smartly                    E)virtually
6-          In order to sneak into the party without being seen, Michael Jackson heavily disguised his appearance, including wearing a ………. beard.
A) live                          B) true                    C) wrong
D) false                        E) visible
7-          Unlike diamonds or sapphires, which are transparent, the………… nature of turquoise means that its beauty can only be seen by light reflected from polished surfaces.
A) opaque                    B)elaborate             C) precious
D) delicate                    E) silent
8-          As it is too hot for vigorous exercise, I think I will go out for a leisurely ………. around the park.
A) dash                        B) hazard                C) stroll
D) leap                         E) crawl
9-          In the Syrian town of Aleppo, craftsmen still……….. fine cloth by hand in the marketplaces, although the city also has a large modern textile industry.
A) cultivate                   B) carve                  C) grind
D) weave                      E) occupy
10-       I got totally the wrong ……….. of Trevor when we first met, believing him to be very arrogant, but now I find him very modest.
A) acceptance               B) impression         C) principle
D) emergence               E) certainty
11-       The ………. between the train and the platform at some London Underground stations is quite big; therefore, if you are not careful, it is easy to slip.
A) trend                        B) leak                    C) gap
D) trip                          E) interval
12-       There is a ……….. going around the office that the managing director is going to resign, but we will have to wait for the management meeting to Snd out whether it is true.
A) document                B) chatter                C) recovery
D) proposal                  E) rumour
13-       For a time during ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’, the President of Cuba denied the ………… of new offensive missile bases on his island.
A) existence                 B) allowance           C) occurrence
D) relevance                 E) reluctance
14-       Following Micky’s efforts at making a cake, which was a total………… the kitchen was covered in a sticky mess and what came out of the oven looked nothing like a cake!
A) distraction               B) disaster              C) overhaul
D) taste                         E) display
15-       Some people in Australia remain ………… to the British queen, while others feel that Australia should abandon the monarchy and become a republic.
A) distant                     B) faithless             C) loyal
D) regional                   E) backwards
16-       My efforts at building a model of Tower Bridge were vastly ………. to Victoria’s as mine fell down but hers is still standing after all this time.
A) desirable                  B) divisible             C) inferior
D) outstanding             E) habitual
17-       Because of the unsanitary conditions in the camp, the epidemic ………… quickly among the refugees, and soon many of them perished with the disease.
A) poured                     B) dreaded              C) recovered
D) spread                     E) adopted
18-       When ice is exposed to temperatures above freezing point it begins to turn into ………. .  This process is called melting.
A) liquid                       B) frost                   C) steam
D) vapour                     E) solid
19-       After last years Football Association Cup Final, Chelsea were celebrating a 2-0 ………. . This was the third time they had won the event.
A) option                      B) charge                C) fate
D) defeat                      E) victory
20-       Heather’s father is retired now, but he is still as ……….. as ever, renovating cars, improving his house and working in the garden.
A) affectionate              B) relaxed               C) reluctant
D) industrious              E) essential
21-       The village of St Cleer won the ‘Village in Bloom’ competition because it was very ………. decorated with flowers.
A) principally               B) deliberately        C) tastefully
D) partially                   E) habitually
22-       Yolanda was so used to being accepted for every job she applied for that when she was turned down for one, she didn’t take the ……….. very well. In fact, she sulked for a week.
A) application               B) rejection             C) interview
D) likelihood                E) promotion
23-       The international standard for steel columns has to be very rigorous.  If they do not ……….. the pressure of a building, then the resulting collapse could be catastrophic.
A) withstand                B) undermine          C) overthrow
D) overhaul                  E) upgrade
24-       Dawn is very ………. about football. She gets emotional whether herteam wins or loses, so on match days, she is either extremely happy or terribly miserable.
A) passionate               B) gorgeous            C) indifferent
D) concerned                E) dedicated
25-       While carrying a food-laden tray. Mum ………… over the corner of the carpet, but fortunately, she managed to hold the tray firm.
A) skipped                   B) tripped               C) tipped
D) leapt                        E) ditched
26-       When I work in the university library, I prefer to be on my own because when I’m with friends, I always want to ……….. something to them, and find it difficult to concentrate.
A) dash                        B) judge                  C) tolerate
D) deter                        E) whisper
27-       It is very difficult to concentrate on your work in the new office as there are so many ………. outside, especially the construction work that is still being carried out on other buildings there.
A) attractions                B) advantages         C) distractions
D) principles                E) facilities
28-       The boss gave his workers a Christmas bonus of twenty-five percent of their wages, which they found very ………. . They bad expected to get their normal wages only.
A) partial                      B) basic                  C) even
D) generous                 E) restricted
29-       When a financial expert makes a/an …………. he expects his money to earn some interest for him. Sometimes, however, the stock market can behave badly and his capital can diminish.
A) treatment                 B) investment         C) hazard
D) identity                    E) assembly
30-       When Tina decided to rent a flat, she decided to ………. it herself as she had very particular tastes.
A) furnish                    B) construct            C) move
D) purchase                  E) assemble
31-       The amount of water held in Lake Baikal, Russia, is equivalent to the total………. of all five of North America’s Great Lakes and represents 2O percent of the world’s liquid freshwater resources.
A) weight                     B) abundance          C) depth
D) volume                    E)terrain
32-       As Elizabeth Blackwell, the first American female medical school graduate, failed to secure a hospital position because of ………. against women, she opened her own hospital instead.
A) acceptance               B) violence             C) consideration
D) prejudice                 E) disability
33-       My suitcase was so heavy that I could ………. lift it and had to keep putting it down and taking a rest on the way to the bus-stop.
A) diligently                 B) frantically           C) basically
D) rarely                       E) barely
34-       Strangely enough, my son always does his homework ………. and quickly; in fact, he seems to quite enjoy doing it.
A) outrageously           B) reluctantly          C) willingly
D) instinctively             E) naughtily
35-       Philip had been in prison for a long time. When he went in, bread was 2p a loaf. When he was ……….. however, it was 80pt
A) arrested                   B) sentenced           C) pursued
D) released                   E) convicted
36-       In the thirteenth century, the Mongol emperors, Genghis Khan and his descendants, ……….. most of the Asian mainland, creating an immense empire.
A) initiated                   B) conquered          C) cultivated
D) condensed               E) tolerated
37-       The head of department can discipline teachers, but only the principal of the school has the ………. to dismiss a teacher.
A) authority                  B) application         C) requirement
D) justice                      E) inclination
38-       World War II led to the ……….. of Germany into two countries — West Germany and East Germany — but it has subsequently been reunited.
A) estimation                B) separation          C) creation
D) invasion                  E) destruction
39-       As the teacher finds that the children take no notice of him when he speaks to them too nicely, he usually gives instructions ……… .
A) steadily                    B) forcefully           C) reluctantly
D) timidly                     E) silently
40-       Tickets to the afternoon ………. of the play are less expensive for students than the evening one, so we could probably afford to go to it.
A) edition                     B) rehearsal            C) exhibition
D) brand                       E) performance
41-       A bat has very poor ……….; in fact, it is almost blind and uses a kind of radar system to help it when it is flying.
A) virtue                       B) hearing               C) taste
D) smell                       E) vision
42-       Brendon has ………. himself again as today he said the European Commission made a lot of good decisions for business, but previously he had stated that it had never done anything positive for trade.
A) contradicted             B) defined               C) falsified
D) concerned                E) hindered
43-       Because of her ………. with security, there are more locks on my aunts door than on those of most banks; furthermore, she has bars on the windows, burglar alarms and a huge dog.
A) affection                  B) obsession           C) interest
D) revenge                   E) flexibility
44-       The Turkish flag is red and white. The ………. colour is red, contrasted with a white crescent and star in the middle.
A) temporary                B) majority             C) passionate
D) dominant                                 E) favourite
45-       The sea here looks ………. calm. You must take care as it has quite strong undercurrents, which can pull you out to sea very quickly.
A) roughly                   B) approximately    C) deceptively
D) perilously                E) faithfully
46-       The job of transferring all our customer records from written cards to the computer was ………… but now that this laborious task is completed, our system should be more efficient.
A) painstaking              B) worthless           C) coincidental
D) doubtful                  E) ferocious
47-       The film ‘Jagged Edge1 is great because the audience is kept in ……….. right up until the end about whether Jeff Bridges is a murderer or not.
A) amazement              B) suspense            C) hesitation
D) closure                    E) prohibition
48-       Our spokesman ……….. the journalists’ questions very well and brought along the data to give informed responses, which will definitely help promote our organisation.
A) defended                 B) participated        C) complicated
D) manufactured          E) anticipated
49-       The female tiger ………. attacked the hyena which had ventured too close to her young cubs, tearing its body to shreds.
A) savagely                  B) damagingly        C) humanely
D) scornfully                E) vaguely
50-       When receiving the congratulations. Jenny ……… said that she hadn’t worked any harder on the school’s production than any of the other members of staff, but she had spent most of her freetime preparing for it.
A) aimlessly                                 B) silently               C) barely
D) modestly                 E) lovingly
51-       When Jane was forced to jump 3O feet from the burning building, she was, understandably, very ………. at first, but having no other option, she found the courage.
A) rapid                        B) hesitant              C) vital
D) pitiful                      E) arrogant
52-       As the recent hurricane destroyed entire banana plantations, thousands of people have lost their ………. and will have to look for other ways to support themselves and their families.
A) likeness                   B) liking                 C) livelihood
D) likelihood                E) liveliness
53-       Going to the dentist is not nearly as ……….. as it used to be. Modern techniques mean that it doesn’t hurt at all.
A) pleasant                   B) dubious              C) arbitrary
D) painful                     E) severe
54-       Victor’s ………. meant that he had never considered that somebody else might win.
A) diligence                  B) modesty             C) lateness
D) efficiency                E) arrogance
55-       The great Mississippi flood of 1993 ……….. out several small Illinois towns, literally leaving nothing of them behind.
A) wiped                      B) washed              C) soaked
D) flowed                     E) drowned
56-       Every working day; the judge ……….. tapped his pipe on the edge of his desk while his secretary read him the court’s timetable for that day.
A) sufficiently              B) mistakenly         C) virtually
D) habitually                E) reluctantly
57-       The popular singer made a/an ……….. contribution to his country, often appearing for charity and promoting children’s health and well-being at every opportunity.
A) modest                    B) indifferent          C) outstanding
D) fashionable              E) useless
58-       The fruit that is imported from South Africa is kept at a specific temperature during the sea voyage here, which ……….. the ripening process, allowing it to keep fresh.
A) retards                     B) hastens               C) conceals
D) repairs                     E) obstructs
59-       The ………. of the two sides to meet an agreement means that the war will continue for some time to come.
A) defense                    B) posture               C) proposal
D) achievement            E) failure
60-       The company canteen ……….. for a hundred and fifty people daily, serving them a hot main course, salads and pudding.
A) employs                  B) caters                 C) consumes
D) responds                 E} inhabits
l.B 2.A 3.C 4.E 5.E 6.D 7.A 8.C 9.D 10.B
ll.C 12.E 13.A 14.B 15.C 16.C 17.D 18.A 19.E 2O.D
21.C 22.B 23.A 24.A 25.B 26.E 27.C 28.D 29.B 30.A
31.D 32.D 33.E 34.C 35.D 36.B 37.A 38.B 39.B 4O.E
41.E 42.A 43.B 44.D 45.C 46.A 47.B 48.E 49.A 50.D
51.B 52.C 53.D 54.E 55.A 56.D 57.C 58.A 59.E 6O.B

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