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1-            The murderer obviously had no feelings for his victims. He was a cold-blooded killer, who was ……… of emotions.
A) devoid                    B) abundant            C) incapable
D) useless                   E) irritated
2-            The ice-dancers scored a perfect mark of six from the German judge, so he obviously thought that their program was ………. .
A) tolerable                 B) sedentary           C) applicable
D) exhausting             E) faultless
3-            Arthritis can be a/an ………. illness in extreme cases and can affect a person’s hip joints, causing disabling pain, and requiring major surgery.
A) dissatisfied             B) crippling            C) nutritious
D) indelicate                E) painless
4-            We can get to Izmir by train or, ………. if you prefer to, we could go by coach.
A) selectively              B) considerately      C) knowingly
D) alternatively           E) tactfully
5-            She had never before had the opportunity to travel abroad, so she decided to ……….. the opportunity and accept her aunt’s offer of a holiday in Paris.
A) feed                        B) miss                   C) seize
D) create                     E) expect
6-            With the weather being so ……….. these days, one day sunny, and the next rainy, it’s difficult to make a plan for a picnic.
A) unpredictable         B) immature            C) definite
D) determined             E) convertible
7-            I don’t like the man who lives across the road because he is very dishonest. I………. him totally.
A) misplace                 B) distrust               C) conduct
D) campaign               E) unload
8-            The doctor gave Elsie a/an ……….. telling her to take the tablets three times a day.
A) description             B) condition            C) examination
D) prescription            E) operation
9-            The pain in Mary’s chest was very ……… and it felt as if she was being stabbed with a knife every time she breathed.
A) rough                     B) bearable             C) curable
D) acute                      E) fragile
10-         Kate didn’t like her pink jumper, so she decided to ……… it a different colour. She eventually decided on blue.
A) dye       B) roll         C) pick        D) knit           E) fold
11-         During the 24-hour dance marathon, some of the contestants became ………. . Dancing for so long without stopping made them very tired.
A) refreshed                B) enthusiastic        C) fatigued
D) balanced                 E) musical
12-         Pauline ……… Lucy through her university course by typing her essays for her.
A) defended                B) praised               C) hardened
D) aided                      E) tested
13-         Leopold I, the first king of Belgium after it had declared independence, ……….. Dutch attempts to reconquer the country and finally  made them recognise Belgium’s independence in 1839.
A) rejoiced                  B) stamped             C) surrendered
D) erased                    E) repelled
14-         Kate and Richard were enjoying their holiday so much that they decided to ………. it and have an extra week there.
A) intend                     B) depend               C) solve
D) reduce                    E) extend
15-         When animals on the farm are ready to be eaten, they are killed by professional people, who ………. them according to some set standards.
A) promote                 B) slaughter            C) flourish
D) accommodate         E) resent
16-         We will have to ………. our new business before we make much profit. Getting it well known will take a little while, but we will get there eventually.
A) discourage             B) compete             C) resign
D) establish                 E) fold
17-         Passing my university degree was a very ………. feeling. I felt really proud!
A) instinctive              B) moody               C) gratifying
D) humiliating             E) moderate
18-         There is no longer a/an ……… on the amount of alcohol which the British can purchase in Europe. As long as it is for personal consumption,  you are allowed to buy as much as you can carry.
A) reservation             B) dishonesty         C) ailment
D) finance                   E) restriction
19-         ……… I found some of her remarks offensive, especially what she said about her country’s current policy.
A) Suspiciously          B) Effectively         C) Awkwardly
D) Personally              E) Accidentally
20-         I suspect the light in the kitchen is going to stop working soon because it has been ………. for the last week.
A) shivering                B) blinking             C) trembling
D) switching               E) shining
21-         It was such a good cause that virtually everybody in the town ……….. something to the collection for the victims of the disaster.
A) loaded                    B) contributed         C) participated
D) motivated               E) withdrew
22-         After the flood, the victims were living in ………. conditions, causing outbreaks of diseases such as dysentery and cholera.
A) appalling                B) untidy                C) preventive
D) sanitary                  E) ordinary
23-         It is so cold at the North Pole that your fingers can be affected by ……….. if you take off your gloves. Once this happens, it is possible that you will lose your fingers.
A) camping                                 B) consumption      C) frostbite
D) clothing                  E) mystery
24-         Dense fog quickly descended on the MS motorway yesterday. Drivers couldn’t see where they were going, so there were lots of ………. .
A) collisions               B) contacts              C) breakdowns
D) certificates              E) appointments
25-         Iowa’s major natural resource is its agricultural productivity. The soil there is very ……….. and it has the highest percentage of land under cultivation of any state.
A) visible                    B) abundant            C) arid
D) mature                    E) ferule
26-         Thomas’s father was very ………. making him and his brothers obey his demanding rules.
A) slender                   B) stern                   C) greedy
D) round                     E) considerate
27-         I prefer to take ………. headache medicine; otherwise, I find it difficult to swallow the tablets.
A) sinkable                 B) natural                C) drinkable
D) edible                     E) soluble
28-         The official was convicted of receiving a ………. from the construction company, fired, and sentenced to one year in prison.
A) quotation                B) bid                     C) bribe
D) verdict                    E) penalty
29-         For the oral exam, the teacher opens the book ……… and asks the students to talk about whatever the topic on that page is.
A) randomly               B) solidly                C) mysteriously
D) plainly                    E) reluctantly
30-         I want this quarrelling to ………. . It has to stop before it does the party’s image a great deal of harm.
A) intensify                B) consume            C) seize
D) cease                      E)reserve
31-         ……… it seemed that Joyce had not been injured in the car crash; however, it subsequently turned out that she had sustained an injury to her  neck caused by the jerk.
A) Fortunately            B) Artificially         C) Deliberately
D) Relentlessly           E) Initially
32-         The hosts were ………. of their vegetarian guests’ dietary requirements and made sure that some of the food at the party did not contain animal products.
A) useless                   B) mindful              C) ignorant
D) hideous                  E) unfeeling
33-         The brand new cold ………. seems to work really well. It cleared Sue’s cold up very quickly indeed.
A) remedy                   B) donation             C) intensifier
D) refuse                     E) measure
34-         The heater in my car is ………. because it only seems to warm up the interior when it’s not very cold outside.
A) inestimable             B) useless               C) deadly
D) efficient                  E) breezy
35-         Jemima decided to ……….. her family back as far as she could, but unfortunately, the records had been lost during the war.
A) chase                      B) fasten                                 C) instruct
D) trace                       E) vary
36-         The statement by the president has several………. for the average family, the most significant of which is the reduction of income tax they will pay in the future.
A) suspicions              B) connections        C) implications
D) combinations         E) complications
37-         The countryside in Cornwall is very ………. . There is very little noise or disturbance of any kind.
A) dull                        B) disorderly          C) tranquil
D) crafty                     E) rough
38-         It hasn’t rained in some parts of Morocco for over four years and if the ………… doesn’t break soon, many people are going to have to move.
A) drought                  B) assistance           C) temperature
D) atmosphere            E) forecast
39-         The attacker grabbed Julester around the ………. trying to strangle her.
A) wrist                      B) waist                  C) head
D) knee                       E) throat
40-         Johnny told his mother that he had done reasonably well in the test. He must have sounded ……… because she believed him.
A) enormous               B) brave                  C) loud
D) convincing             E) verbal
41-         When his arm began to ……….. Kevin knew that it was broken. By the time he arrived at the doctor’s, it was twice its normal size.
A) store                       B) swell                  C) crush
D) shrink                    E) bubble
42-         Ever since the dog fell into the lake, he’s been terrified of water, and prefers to keep a safe ……… from it.
A) decision                 B) interest               C) distance
D) worry                     E) measurement
43-         Soon after its opening, the new company became ……… .It had to close down because it had no money with which to pay its bills.
A) dishonest               B) manageable        C) subscribed
D) thrilled                   E) insolvent
44-         When his father died, Gerry ………. his father’s fortune in his will, and now he is a multimillionaire.
A) designed                B) predicted            C) marveled
D) inherited                 E) adopted
45-         The clerk of the court was sent by the judge to ………. the next witness, who was waiting in the hall.
A) sack                       B) fortify                C) summon
D) dismiss                  E) indulge
46-         Brenda was the only ……… of the plane crash.  Sadly, everyone else on board was killed.
A) passenger               B) victim                 C) livelihood
D) crew                       E) survivor
47-         I didn’t want to say out loud that she was displaying her graph upside down, so I began to ………. discreetly by pointing to the overhead projector screen.
A) hint                        B) shout                  C) exhibit
D) reveal                     E) suspect
48-         I prefer the ………. end when I go to the swimming pool, because I feel safer when I feel that my feet can touch the bottom in case of emergency.
A) shallow                  B) distant                C) modest
D) broad                     E) apparent
49-         As she had just lost her second son in the civil war, there was little anyone could say to ………. her.
A) conduct                  B) console              C) sympathise
D) pity                        E) enliven
50-         A huge tree had fallen across the road making the village ………. . Absolutely nothing could get past the tree and into the village.
A) unbreakable           B) interrupted         C) unfriendly
D) passable                                 E) inaccessible
51-         It wasn’t practical for everybody to go into the jungle to see what was there. Therefore, two people were sent in to ……… and report back with their findings.
A) expand                   B) explode              C) exasperate
D) explore                   E) exclude
52-         People are becoming more and more conscious of the benefits of regular exercise, ………. the growth of the sports equipment and leisure industries.
A) sharpening             B) accelerating        C) relaxing
D) earning                   E) training
53-         After Scott had his beard shaved off, his appearance was ………. different. Some of his friends didn’t even recognize him.
A) noticeably              B) barely                 C) considerately
D) especially               E) peculiarly
54-         Mark knocked Barbara’s vase over by accident and, unfortunately, it is ……….. as it was bought in China by her uncle.
A) innumerable           B) opaque               C) irreplaceable
D) immense                E) meticulous
55-         Wow! That new outfit really ………. you, Michael. You look fantastic.
A) presents                 B) relates                C) concerns
D) suits                       E) cares
56-         Not only does this new yogurt taste good, but there are no ………. In it. Not having any preservatives in it makes it very good for you too.
A) vitamins                                 B) reactions            C) crusts
D) benefits                  E) additives
57-         Terry is very ……… as he always throws things away that can be recycled.
A) fruitful                   B) wasteful             C) lifeless
D) immodest               E) naughty
58-         …….. people can’t get their wheelchairs up stairs, so wherever possible, wheelchair ramps should be installed.
A) Diabetic                 B) Imperfect           C) Foreign
D) Disabled                E) Alien
59-         I am really disappointed because; my new T-shirt ……… in the washing machine. It is too small now and I can’t wear it any more.
A) evaporated             B) excluded            C) shrank
D) patterned                E) exposed
60-         The finding of the body this afternoon ……… proved the case against the Mafia leader.
A) decisively               B) temptingly          C) furiously
D) calmly                    E) gorgeously
1.A 2.E 3.B 4.D 5.C 6.A 7.B 8.D 9.D 10.A
ll.C 12.D 13.E 14.E 15.B 16.D 17.C 18.E 19.D 20.B
21.B 22.A 23.C 24.A 25.E 26.B 27.E 28.C 29.A 30.D
31.E 32.B 33.A 34.B 35.D 36.C 37.C 38.A 39.E 40.D
41.B 42.C 43.E 44.D 45.C 46.E 47.A 48.A 49.B 50.E
51.D 52.B 53.A 54.C S5.D 56.E 57.B 58.D 59.C 60.A

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