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1-        The plumber ………. me 5 million, but I later found out that my neighbour only paid 2 million for a similar repair.
A) benefited                    B) discounted         C) charged
D) sold                           E) fined
2-        When Benny buys new jeans, he washes them in bleach to make the colour ……….quickly.
A) dye                                              B) fix                                    C) fade
D) shine                          E) suit
3-        The workers did the job ……….. — there were no problems and everything was done according to plan.
A) urgently                     B) comparatively    C) simultaneously
D) unsatisfactorily          E) irresistibly
4-        The politician travelled all over the country making speeches and would do anything to get on television. He figured that the more ………… he got, the more people would remember his name.
A) infamy                      B) observations      C) nominees
D) stability                     E) exposure
5-        The thieves had to ………….one of the windows to enter the house, but unfortunately nobody heard the sound of breaking glass.
A) smash                       B) dash                   C) crash
D) splash                       E) mash
6-        After lying in the sun all afternoon and sweating a lot, I drank several litres of water in an effort to ………. my thirst.
A) cure                          B) quench               C) bury
D) serve                         E) fortify
7-        In the supermarket, I like to ……….up the cost of my shopping as I put the items in the  Hey, so I don’t get a nasty surprise when the cashier tells me what I owe.
A) work                         B) reckon                               C) count
D) save                          E) stare
8-        In order to extort money from the wealthy man, the terrorists managed to ………his daughter and take her to their hide-out, where they held her until her father gave them £5 million.
A) adopt                         B) commit               C) kidnap
D) escape                        E) steal
9-        The ……….that the nanny had killed the baby in her care was very serious, and the court had to look at the case very carefully before deciding on her guilt or innocence.
A) accusation                 B) trial                    C) court
D) criminal                     E) witness
10-     Otto thinks that English is easier to learn than German but Joe says the opposite is true. I don’t know who’s right — I guess it’s a/an ……….issue.
A) persuasive                 B) extensive            C) reasonable
D) debatable                   E) explanatory
11-     Bob heard the shouts and saw people gesturing ……….at him, but he didn’t understand their panic until he saw the large snake uncoiling itself from the tree above his head.
A) obediently                 B) frantically           C) fearlessly
D) dangerously              E) amazingly
12-     When you’re in Oxford Street in London, hold onto your bag, because there are a lot of pickpockets, who may try to ……….it from you.
A) burgle                                       B) rob                                   C) pick
D) obtain                       E) snatch
13-     The Morrisons have built a/an ……….. house right on the sea front — honestly, it’s so big that it casts a shadow on all the surrounding buildings.
A) steady                       B) shady                 C) gigantic
D} triumphant               E) absolute
14-     When I decided to leave home and work in the circus, I expected my parents to try to dissuade me, but surprisingly, their reaction was ………and they even offered to help me get started.
A) favourable                B) contradictory      C) helpless
D) knowledgeable         E) compulsive
15-     They had told us that it was a wonderful restaurant, but we thought it was rather ………. — the food was nothing special and the service was indifferent.
A) mediocre                                    B) tasteless   C) smashing
D) blunt                                            E) inedible
16-     Because his holiday had been rather uneventful, Andrew decided to ……….. his stories about it by inventing tales of romance and police trouble to them, to make it sound more exciting.
A) revise                                          B) distribute                        C) inflate
D) relate                                            E) embellish
17-     Pierre did not study ………. for the exam, so he didn’t do as well as he would have if he’d spent enough time preparing.
A) descriptively      B) urgently  C) honourably
D) sufficiently                                E) perrnissively
18-     To catch the mouse, the cat had to ……… up to it slowly and quietly so that the mouse would neither see nor hear it coming.
A) jump                  B) leap          C) bounce        D) claw    E) creep
19-             My sister prefers to ……… her children when they’re naughty, but sometimes when I listen to her, I think it would be more effective simply to smack them.
A) beat                                             B) scold                               C) whisper
D) cuddle                                        E) appreciate
20-     If you don’t ………….. the conditioner out of your hair properly when you’re washing it, it’ll feel greasy and dirty again very soon.
A) rinse                                           B) dye                                  C) comb
D) brush                         E) dry
21-     Martha has horrible ……… . She sits with her back and shoulders bent over so much that she looks like an old lady!
A) easiness                    B) odour                 C) pressure
D) posture                      E) reason
22-     If I don’t get up ………when the alarm clock rings, I fall asleep again, and am late for work.
A) lazily                         B) promptly            C) lately
D) eventually                  E) relatively
23-     The tornado was extremely ………. . It levelled an entire block of flats and laid much of the village to waste.
A) inventive                   B) instructive          C) productive
D) conductive                                E) destructive
24-     Claudia is 1.64 metres tall, and her sister Sally is 1.63, so the difference in their height is ………noticeable.
A) lengthily                    B) strikingly           C) barely
D) widely                       E) sensibly
25-     The teenagers seemed completely ………..and appeared not to have any worries.
A) relentless                  B) deceptive            C) cautious
D) carefree                     E) vigorous
26-     When Susan was moving, she put all her ……….items, like glass and china, into special boxes, but the movers still managed to break a lot of her stuff.
A) fragile                       B) disastrous          C) hazardous
D) weak                         E) hardy
27-     Jacob’s efforts at learning Hebrew were in ………. . No matter how much he studied, he couldn’t even remember the alphabet.
A) progress                   B) tune                    C) error
D) vain                          E) common
28-        His mother had only told him. to get his hair cut, but Steve changed his appearance ………..by getting his head shaved and having a ring put in his nose.
A) mildly                      B) barely                 C) formally
D) radically                   E) slightly
29-     After the accident, the doctor recommended that Jane should have plenty of rest and relaxation in order to ……..quickly.
A) soften                       B) straighten           C) discharge
D) defend                      E)recover
30-     A Swiss army knife is a very ……..tool. It has many functions, and it is so small that you can keep it in your pocket.
A) faulty                         B) risky                  C) handy
D) healthy                       E) tricky
31-     In the early part of this century, there was an influenza ……….that killed about twenty million people all over the world.
A) epidemic                    B) battle                  C) evidence
D) cure                           E) treatment
32-     Going on holiday to Amsterdam next week will seriously ……….our savings — the flights aren’t cheap and the hotel will probably be expensive.
A) deplete                       B) increase              C) insult
D) provide                      E) repel
33-     The Gobi Desert is a/an ………..expanse of land with little water or life of any sort.
A) fertile        B) barren      C) varied    D) tender  E)existent
34-     Marvin tried to borrow money to buy a house, but when the bank found out that he ………over £50,000 to various credit card companies, his application was rejected.
A) paid                           B) donated              C) accepted
D) lent                                             E) owed
35-     Unlike the roads in Canada, which are dead straight, many roads in the UK are long and ……….. .
A)  congested                 B) angled                                C) winding
D) lively                         E) surrounding
36-     Before they can give me an estimate on the price for painting my flat, they need to know its ……….. that is, the height and length of each wall.
A) address                                      B) properties                       C) atmosphere
D) dimensions                               E) tallness
37-     The concern over ozone depletion in recent years had led to international agreements to ……… the use of harmful gases over the next four decades.
A) validate                                      B) reduce                             C) intensify
D) resign                                         E) recognise
38-     When James inherited a lot of money from his grandmother, he decided it was time to ………. a house, so that he could actually own some property and stop paying rent to a landlord.
A) invest                                         B) dissolve  C) purchase
D) demolish                                  E) compel
39-     During the final year of her degree, Sylvia was finding the work difficult and wasn’t sure that she wanted to continue, but her tutor persuaded her to ……….. and now that she has graduated, she is very glad she didn’t give up at that point.
A) abandon                                   B) compare C) extend
D) obey                                          E) persevere
40-     There has been a recent outcry against the injustices one to the native population of Australia by the English  settlers, so, in order to try to ………the wrongs of the past, the government have given them money and publicly apologised.
A) modify                                     B) expand                           C) realise
D) deny                                          E) rectify
41-     I forgot to water the plants, so they have all begun to …….. — hopefully they’ll straighten out and stand up properly now that I have given them water.
A) blossom                   B) wilt                    C) decay
D) flourish                    E) assimilate
42-     The problem with the programme at that school is that there is no ………. to it — nothing seems related to anything else and the material seems chosen at random.
A) recognition                                B) tradition   C) permanence
D) coherence                                  E) coverage
43-     Many ……… of the ancient Inca civilization may still be seen scattered over the central highlands of the Andes.
A) remains                                      B) tribes                               C) members
D) repetitions                                  E) ancestors
44-     If you don’t dip the headlights of your car at night, they will shine into the faces of the oncoming drivers and ………… them, and this momentary blindness may cause accidents.
A) wound                                      B) astonish  C) confuse
D) dazzle                                         E) alert
45-     Spain is the ……… of about 10 percent of the world’s international tourists.
A) endurance                                    B) destination                     C) resistance
D) reflection                                      E) payment
46-     I couldn’t sleep very well at the hotel because the ……… on my bed was too thick and it made my neck stiff.
A) sheet                                          B) blanket    C) pillow
D) mattress                                    E)lace
47-     Darcy found it difficult to budget because her expenses seemed to ………. greatly — they went up and down so much that she never had any idea what she would spend each month.
A) stabilise                    B) increase              C) decrease
D) rotate                        E) fluctuate
48-     Some people claim that cigars are less dangerous than cigarettes because people don’t ………. the smoke; that is, they don’t draw it into their lungs, but instead, keep it in their mouths.
A) exclude                                    B) inhale                              C) confirm
D) exhilarate                                 E) disinfect
49-     I had a slight ………… on the way to work today, when a car drove by and splashed me with mud. I chose  a bad day to wear white trousers!
A) chaos                        B) mishap               C) reaction
D) offense                     E) caution
50-     To someone who doesn’t like either, the difference between instant and filter coffee may seem ……….. as both are hot, bitter, black drinks, but to a coffee-lover, the difference is obvious.
A) remarkable B) noticeable           C) subtle
D) immense                    E) rapid
51-     The thickness of a tree is ………..to its age — each year a new layer of wood grows, so the older a tree is, the thicker it’ll be.
A) irrelevant                   B) ancient               C) proportional
D) recorded                    E) susceptible
52-     Look! Those black clouds look very ……… — I’m certain it’ll be raining within the hour.
A) placid                        B) threatening         C) humid
D) pacifying                   E) meaningless
53-     The American-led invasion of Iraq in 1991 has been called a/an ……….by many human rights groups, because so many Iraqis were killed and most of them were unarmed civilians.
A) embargo                    B) celebration         C) demonstration
D) survival                     E) massacre
54-     I ended up throwing away the whole bag of strawberries because half of them were ………… — they were very soft, smelt bad and had something white growing on them.
A) rotten                        B) corrupt               C) fresh
D) delicious                   E) greasy
55-     While tidying his garden, Joe found a bicycle and wanted to ride it, but couldn’t because it had been outside for years and was very ……… — all of the metal was brown and none of the parts would move.
A) rusty’                                           B) mouldy   C) ripe
D) stale                                             E) rotten
56-     After being out of touch with his family for several years, he was shocked at how much they had ………. changed. Inside they were all the same people, but they certainly looked different.
A) wantonly                                  B) ridiculously                   C) audibly
D) visibly                                        E) vulnerably
57-     Every day Julie goes to the gym to ………. weights. A year ago, she was quite skinny and weak, but now she’s strong and her arms are rather big and muscular.
A) press                  B) carry            C) lift         D) push   E) throw
58-     The other day at work, the phone rang ………… so the secretaries did nothing but answer the phone and didn’t even have a chance to step outside for a cigarette.
A) incessantly                               B) comparably                   C) occasionally
D) periodically       E) exclusively
59-     Laura hated the film so much that she wanted to leave at the ………… but Mike was enjoying it, so he persuaded her to stay for the second half.
A) foyer                                         B) exit                                   C) gap                                                                  D) interval                                           E) usher
60-     Policemen are supposed to enforce and ……….. the law and because of this, it should be seen as a very serious crime when a policeman does something illegal.
A) corrupt                                     B) repel                                C) distort
D) ignore                                       E) uphold
l.C     2.C    3.D    4.E    5.A    6.B    7.B    8.C    9.A    10.D
ll.B    12.E  13.C  14A   I5A    16.E  17.D  18.E  19.B  20.A
21.D  22.B  23.E  24.C  25.D  26.A  27.D  28.D  29.E  30.C
31.A  32.A  33.B  34.E  35.C  36.D  37.B  38.C  39.E  4O.E
41.B  42.D  43.A  44.D  45.B  46.C  47.E  48.B  49.B  50.C
51.C  52.B  53.E  54.A  55JV  56.D  57.C  S8.A  59.D  6O.E

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