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The Simple Past Tense

Olumlu Cümle (+)
Özne + Eylem 2 + Nesne + Zaman İfadesi
Subject +   Verb 2 + Object + TimeExpression
I                       lived                in Izmir            last winter
You                 worked            for Sabancı      last summer
We                   worked            for Dogus        last year
They                lived                in Ankara        last week
He                   studied              hard               last night
She                  talked               carelessly         yesterday
It                      worked            well
Olumsuz Cümle  (-)
Özne + didn’t+Eylem + Nesne + Zaman İfadesi
Subject +didn’t+  Verb + Object + TimeExpression
I            didn’t work   in Izmir      last winter
You      didn’t work   for Sabancı last summer
We        didn’t work  for Dogus    last year
They  didn’t work  in Ankara   last week
He        didn’t work  hard                  last night
She       didn’t work  carelessly  yesterday
It           didn’t work
WH- Questions

  • What did you do yesterday?

I    studied english    yesterday.

  • Where did you go last week?

I went to Mugla City last week.

  • Whom did you visit last month?

I visited my mother last month.

  • Who visited you last year?

My penfriend visited me last year.

  • How did you go to work yesterday?

I went to work by bus.
The simple past tense te kullanılan zaman ifadeleri
Last night
Last week
Last month
Last Summer
Last year
2 hours ago
2 days ago
2 weeks ago
2 months ago
2 years ago

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