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Mum ! My friends are having a party tonight; may I go please?

May, şu andaki ya da gelecekteki ihtimalleri ya da KİBAR BİR ŞEKİLDE İZİN İSTEMEYİ İFADE ETMEK İÇİN KULLANILIR. İzin istemek için “can” kelimesine kıyasla daha resmidir.


ı- we-you- they he-she                            may  (may not)                               leave this afternoon
I may go to the cinema, if I finish my work early. (İşimi erken bitirirsem, sinemaya gidebilirim.)
I’m not sure but I may buy that dress. (Emin değilim, ama o elbiseyi satın alabilirim.)
She may travel by bus, or she may travel by train. (O trenle veya otobüsle seyahat edebilir.)

REQUEST – PERMISSION (istek – İzin):

May I help you? (Size yardım edebilir miyim?)
May I have this dance with you? (Bu dansı sizinle yapabilir miyim?)
May I use your telephone? (Telefonunuzu kullanabilir miyim?) (request)
Yes, you may. (Evet, kullanabilirsiniz.)


Might ile may arasında ihtimal bildiren cümlelerde herhangi bir anlam farkı yoktur. Fakat bu iki kelime kullanım açısından bazı farklılıklar arzeder.

Geçmişle ilgili izin vermek veya izin istemek için kullanılabilir.
Our teacher told us we might go out when the bell rang.
(Öğretmenimiz zil çaldığında dışarı çıkabileceğimizi söyledi.)
I hoped you might pass your class. (Sınıfını geçmeni dilemiştim.)
You might miss the train because you are a little late (Biraz geciktiğin için treni kaçırabilirsin.)
I might come again. (Yine gelebilirim – belki de gelmem)

Example “modal verbs”

May I ask you a question? She might know. Or she may know.
May I go out Mum? He may come late. He may be on holidays.
He doesn’t know what to do; he might ask Wendy. He is still at work! He may come late I am afraid.
Philip may come to stay with us I may not have time to do it straightaway.
It may snow later today. Buy a lottery ticket. You might be lucky
Are you going out tonight? Yes, I might He may be right, she may be wrong.
May I drive your car? It may snow; look at the sky.
He may have left already. Please may I turn on my radio?
You mustn’t press this red button. You ought not to drink coffee so much!
You shouldn’t eat chocolate so much! We don’t have to go to school tomorrow.
I may have some news for you next week. I don’t think that you should go skiing.
I might see you on Thursday evening. You have to write this test in pencil.
Carol isn’t at home, so she must be on her way here.I don’t have to work today. It’s a holiday.
Birds can fly. Laure Manaudou can swim very fast.
You mustn’t smoke in public places. Pupils mustn’t shout in the corridors.
You can’t go out because it’s too late. Can you open the window please ?
She must work harder to improve her results. You must listen to your teachers !
What can I do for you ? Can you help me ?
Chloe may leave tomorrow, but I’m not sure she will.
My sister promised she would come but she didn’t; she must be very ill.
You should help him over that difficulty, be nice to him.
People may not speak French in the English chat room. It’s forbidden.
Eliot is very ill; I’m sure he won’t be able to come tomorrow.
You should do your homework today, you’ve plenty of time.
Helen could have said a word in your favour but she didn’t

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